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About National Volunteering Grid (NVG)

Works as a self-sustaining ecosystem that connects non-profits/community organization to volunteers and vice versa with minimum outside intervention. It especially encourages professionals to volunteer their skills and helps build the organisational capacity of non-profits. Also, provides curated volunteering opportunities to individuals, organisations, and communities invested in bringing about change. Know more about NVG

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Volunteer In


Objectively leveraging livelihood generating skills of corporate/professional volunteers brings together non-profits that need skilled volunteers, and corporates that have professionals who can contribute their skills and time. When a professional volunteers time, it is the equivalent of giving cash in kind. India@75 has developed an Economic Value Aggregator tool to help corporates measure the olunteering effort of its professionals. This helps build an inclusive India that all can take pride in.

Count me in

Activity based volunteering for individuals leveraging their time and efforts is a call to action for Indian citizens to come together and volunteer across the nation in small and large measures to join the People’s Movement. The purpose is to recognise and reenergise the ethos of giving and contributing through a pan-national collaborative volunteering platform. It is to make each Indian feel that they have the power to contribute in the future of a nation for generations to come.

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For Corporates

The Grid support in showcasing the volunteering efforts in terms of hours and monetary value contributed by employees and collectively as an organisation. Apart from ProBono, it has a general volunteering activity calendar
in which employees can participate in an individual capacity. Overall, NVG helps companies to create a culture of volunteering.

For Non-Profits/Community Organisations

Provides a platform that connects them to individuals, corporates who subscribe to their cause. Non-Profits can join the grid through an easy registration and upload their ProBono projects and volunteering activities.
Once a project/activity is published on the portal, interested volunteers start applying and accordingly, they can choose volunteers and collaborate towards a common goal.

For Volunteers

The portal helps to identify and engage with meaningful opportunities across the country. The general activity calendar on the site is open to everyone. Any person can register and access available opportunities. It
allows to explore the right opportunity based on ones interest, location, skills and time.