Functional Literacy Programme

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Lack of functional knowledge on simple issues related to work and life, makes this workforce vulnerable to exploitation as well as limits their participation in market activities.

The rapid digitalization that is taking place in the country will only exacerbate the problem. It is therefore important that the unorganized sector be quickly made capable of navigating this digital India so that they can remain relevant and productive.

India@75 Foundation, a CII initiative, in consultation with stakeholders designed a programme of functional literacy. Core to this program is 90 hours digitized content in Hindi crunching empowering information on basic, digital and financial literacy with special emphasis on government schemes. The program has a component of assessment where participants are evaluated before the start of the course and segregated for basic, medium and advance levels. This ensures both a degree of customization and maximum ROI for everyone concerned.

The engrossing digital content can be even delivered in whole or component wise to suit the context. The delivery needs very basic infrastructure – a trainer and physical space where participants can assemble, projector and computers that can be used to run the content.

Upscaling initiative into a movement needs contribution from civil society. To achieve that objective, we will be reaching out to following stakeholders who can contribute in intensifying the program:

Industry – Corporates can run this as a training for their blue-collared workers through their HR team. It can also be a part of their CSR intervention. The programme is in congruence with sustainable development goal (SDG) 4.

Individual – Individuals committed to bring change can download the content and deliver it to the target audience.

Institution – Any non-profit that wants to add to the impact of its work, will find this a useful intervention

Trainers get free access to the program resource pack uploaded under below provided respective tabs. All they need to do is download the package, read the guide and start the course.

Convince and motivate other stakeholders to be a part of this movement. Participants can also be encouraged to both, spread the word as well as become trainers themselves.
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