• India becomes a source of Global innovations for new businesses, new technologies and new forms of business
  • India focuses on the Bottom of the Pyramid as a source of innovations for the world
  • India creates leaders in Health, Education, Energy, Transportation, Sustainable development for all

Voices of India

  • Science and technology should offer solutions to problems of the country
  • Science and technology can be used by all sections of society
  • India should be home to global innovations
  • Invention of technology rather than adaptation
  • India should file more patents
  • World class research and development facilities
  • Increase in govt. spending for research centers as percentage of GDP
  • Atleast 60% of our energy consumption should rely on renewable sources of energy
  • Use of renewable sources like- rain harvesting, sea waves, low high tides, bio fuels, solar energy, wind energy
  • Development of Sustainable Technology


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