• India becomes the home for at least 30 of the fortune 100 firms
  • India accounts for 10% of Global Trade
  • India unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit of its young population
  • Indian companies become global benchmarks for ethical governance and corporate social responsibility

Voices of India

  • Major global trade to come from India
  • Identify trade verticals where we can capture 40-50% of world market
  • India should dictate trade practices and practice fair trade
  • India becomes a global brand known for quality products by focusing on R&D
  • Increased number of patents
  • At least 15% of country's financial taxation should take place through SEZs
  • Encourage green and environment friendly companies
  • Self-employment and entrepreneurship to emerge as dominant trend
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship through access to credit and government support
  • Encourage student entrepreneurs at school or college level
  • Encourage SMEs (small and medium scale enterprises) with innovative ideas to make India number one in GDP
  • Businesses create and share value for all sections of society.


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