• India has world's largest pool of manpower
  • India has 200 million college graduates
  • India has a workforce of 500 million certified and skilled technicians
  • Implicit in this future is universal literacy. This must happen for the vision to succeed

Voices of India

  • 100% education: affordable, accessible, accountable
  • 100% enrollment for all students in age group between 6 to 14 years
  • 0% dropout till class 10
  • Inclusive and learner-friendly atmosphere in all schools
  • Education to inculcate moral awareness
  • Vocational Colleges based on local requirements facilitating employment and entrepreneurship
  • Specialization from class 10th for job oriented education
  • National/uniform career counseling at standard 7-8 level
  • Institute of international repute focusing on research
  • Increase of faculty size and graduate programs by 100%


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