• India becomes the new moral voice for people around the world
  • India is a country where universality and inclusiveness is widely practiced
  • India becomes the most benchmarked country for its capacity to accept and benefit from its diversity
  • Every Indian experiences transparent, accountable and efficient public administration

Voices of India

  • Rule of Law with stringent, efficient implementation and ensure credibility
  • Eliminate outdated laws
  • Proactive and Transparent govt. administrative machinery
  • All public offices should be under e-governance
  • Empowerment of local bodies
  • Statutory time limit for disposal of cases
  • Use of technology and innovation for checking violation of laws
  • Increased participation of youth in politics
  • Leaders should have no criminal records
  • Development of leadership quality and decision making power at school level
  • Every citizen is honest and free from corruption
  • Make India an ethical and spiritual leader in world
  • Minimum level of social security guarantee for all


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