• Arts, Literature and Sports become attractive career opportunities with appropriate recognition and financial benefits
  • India builds world-class infrastructure in arts, literature and sports to achieve global level of competitiveness
  • Talent is identified and developed from grassroots level through inclusion of arts, literature and sports in education
  • Local arts and culture across the country is preserved and promoted

Voices of India

  • Sports, Culture and Literature linked to employment generation
  • Financial Support to traditional arts and artist
  • More Nobel prizes in field of arts and literature
  • World class facilities for sports and centers for excellence in areas of arts and literature
  • Top facilities with atleast one renowned artist/sportsman/literature laureate to train young people in each academy
  • Arts, sports and literature should be encouraged from primary school
  • Arts should be stressed upon as a subject in schools
  • World class libraries encompassing literatures of all generations need to be set-up in all cities and towns.


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