We are happy to know that you are interested in contributing to the India@75 Initiative. To make India a better place, work selflessly in whatever capacity you can. Decide where you want to volunteer, what activity you want to volunteer for and for whatever amount of time you wish to volunteer for.


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Countmein for individuals


‘Count Me In' is a call to action to the citizens of India to come together and volunteer across the nation in small and large measures to join the People's Movement. The purpose of this call to action is to recognize and re-energize the ethos of giving and contributing through a pan national collaborative volunteering platform. It is to make each Indian feel that they have the power to contribute or change the future of a nation for generations to come.

Spend a day or just a few hours with a non-profit and help them accomplish their goals by volunteering your time. India needs you, Count Yourself In!



Pro bono for Corporates Sectors and NGOs


The ProBono platform brings together nonprofits that need skilled volunteers, and corporate companies that have professionals who can contribute their skills and time. This helps build an inclusive India that all of us can take pride in. It also helps build a culture of volunteering among professionals, and bolsters corporate sector CSR programs. Whether you are an NGO that needs skilled workers, a corporate sector that's looking for nonprofit projects for your employees, or a professional looking for credible projects to work on, ProBono is the place to be. Register today! Do ProBono

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