To make India a better place, work selflessly in whatever capacity you can. Decide where you want to volunteer, what activity you want to volunteer for and for whatever amount of time you wish to volunteer for.


As a volunteer for the National Volunteering Week, you can choose to be involved as and when you like. This is your opportunity to give back to the community and help the less fortunate through your skills and expertise. Few ways in which you can participate are:


  1. India@75 ambassadors (work as a Partners Analyst/ Relationship managers ⇒ Reach out to organizations / communities / groups and co-opt them for the Volunteer Day campaign)
  2. Volunteer
    • with a local NGO
    • with a community group / start your own community group
    • from your computer
  3. Or you can simply participate by Inviting volunteers to volunteer in your organization.


To make sure that the National Volunteering Week is a success, we have given an indicative structure to the week into days and themes to which everyone can contribute.The day and themes are categorised as:

  • Day 1, 12th Jan: Education and Skill Development
  • Day 2, 13th Jan: Urbanization and Environmental Sustainability
  • Day 3, 14th Jan: Business Economy and Technology Innovation
  • Day 4, 15th Jan: Agriculture, Food Security and Health
  • Day 5, 16th Jan: Moral Leadership, Good Governance and Public Administration
  • Day 6, 17th Jan: Arts, Literature and Sports
  • Day7, 18th Jan: National Volunteering Day (NVD)


People from all walks of life are welcome to contribute in any way they can, not withstanding any of the above things. You are encouraged to be one of the many who will participate and give volunteerism its due recognition.


Let us take real responsibilities to create an impact and have an incredible experience: Lets Volunteer


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