India@75 an initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry was created with the very focused agenda of nation building with its well-articulated and dated vision objective i.e. achieving an inclusively developed India by 2022. Though , India@75 has formally completed only 3 years as a Foundation, yet it has been nurtured by the CII for about 7 years and is now at the middle point of its intended journey to 2022. It was considered essential to have deliberations on mid-course corrections so as to realign India@75 in the changed socio-political environment so as to remain relevant towards achievement of its vision objective by 2022. A workshop on “Way Ahead for 2022” with the members and selected stakeholders of India@75  was organized  on 14 December, 2015  at Mumbai and was moderated by Mr Arindam Bhattacharya, Member CII Council on India@75 and Senior Partner & Managing Director, BCG and the participants included Dr.Mukund Rajan (Tata Sons), Mr R. Mukundan (Tata Chemicals), Mr. Saugata Bhattacharya (Axis Bank), Mr.Ravi Chandra (Feedback Consultant), Mr.Ashank Desai (Mastek), Ms.Mini Menon (Bloomerg TV) amongst othres. The objective of the workshop was to undertake a circumspection of the journey covered by India@75 and to deliberate and identify focus areas as also the various initiatives to be pursued by India@75 in the coming years.


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