It’s a well-known fact that India is poised to become the youngest nation in the world by 2020 with 50% of its population below the age of 29 and India’s young population will have to play a crucial role making India the next superpower. However, India’s “Demographic dividend” may end up being a “disaster” if enough employment opportunities are not provided to youth. India@75 designs its initiatives with a special focus on youth. Initiatives like PowertoEmpower, Skillpedia focused on filling-in gaps in the skill development ecosystem in India and through “Job Fairs”, India@75 created a bridge between potential employers and youth seeking jobs.


Power to Empower Competition

Power to Empower (P2E) was co-organized by India@75 and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).  As a part of India@75’s skill development vision of creating 500 million employable workforce by 2022, Power To Empower was conceptualized.

Therefore, in an attempt to encourage young Entrepreneurs to capitalize on this mammoth business opportunity, Power To Empower is India’s 1st Enterprise Plan competition that is focusing on promoting innovative and sustainable solutions within the Skills Eco-system in India.  The eventual objective of the competition is to reach out to grassroot entrepreneurs spread across India that have mastered the local context of skill building, and only need the right support to scale-up.

Power to Empower Competition was launched in 2011 and with an estimated reach of over 1 Million in 4 editions it has been successful in evangelization of skill development.



Skillpedia, an online platform was ideated and initiated by India@75, to bring together various stakeholders including industry, government, implementing agencies and beneficiaries to collaborate and leverage each other’s strengths and resources to create an inclusive skill ecosystem in India.  It also facilitated bridging the demand and supply of skilled workforce.

The platform was adopted by National Skill Development Corporation in 2013 for data population and scaling up.


Jobs & Career Counselling Fairs

Jobs & Career Counselling Fairs were organized to promote interaction between industry and students. This initiative seeks strong government and industry support and enables these two key stakeholders to connect and understand from the students their aspirations, identify their skills and provide them the most suitable options.

India @ 75 in collaboration with CII Northern Region and Uttar Pradesh State Government Skills Development Mission organized a “Career Counseling & Job Fair” in January 2014 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. More than 3500 candidates registered for the counselling & job fair.

The model since then has been replicated by the skills vertical and state offices of CII in collaboration with respective state skills missions to great success.



India@75 and Macquarie University of Sydney had institutionalized India@75 scholarship under the Ektaal Scheme amounting to AUD 11.8 Mn for 55 students for a period of 3 years starting 1 October, 2012. The students were required to undergo an internship of 6 months with India@75 wherein they were exposed to the needs of the EWS so that the PhD students could identify the objectives of their prospective research so as to make it beneficial for the less privileged.


Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh on Skill Development at Padma Bhushan Late Prof. CK Prahalad’s Memorial Service on 8 July 2010, New Delhi

“The most intimate contact I had with him (Prof. CK Prahalad) was when he came to me and said what would you like to do for India at 75 and he suggested there is nothing more exciting than to have 500 million young Indians fully prepared to face the challenges of living in this modern competitive world. And he was very happy that I endorsed that vision of his. We formed a Skill Development Council and he was the moving spirit behind what motivated and what propelled the idea of skill development in the last four or five years.”


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