India@75 Vision Statement

To collaboratively create an inclusively developed India by 2022 that will shape the new world order through economic strength, technological vitality and moral leadership



Padma Bhushan Late Professor Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad (C.K. Prahalad,1941 – 2010), the Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor of Corporate Strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business in the University of Michigan was the inspirational force behind the India@75 initiative.

While commemorating the 60th year of India's independence, on 23 Sep 2007 during the Incredible India@60 commemoration at New York he articulated the idea of holistic three dimensional development of India to acquire enough economic strength, technological vitality and moral leadership by 75 years of independence.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) conducted an extensive collaborative public consultation thereafter and vision documents for 17 states and districts development plans for 18 districts were developed through the process, besides a national vision document for India@75. Today, a decade after its first articulation, this vision is well on its way to realization with Government, Industry and most importantly, mass citizen involvement and adoption.


Visioning Exercise

CII took India@75 as a grassroots initiative and converted it into a vision for our country shared by people from all geographies and all walks of life. A participatory approach to visioning was kicked off under the leadership of CII in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group and Young Indians (Yi). This was done through:-

  • Sensitization sessions led by Padma Bhushan Late Prof. CK Prahalad across 7 metros involving interactions with Chief Ministers, leaders of political parties, IAS leadership, CII leadership and students;
  • 123 workshops and 984 interviews conductions across the country covering the voices of approximately 5500 people;
  • Vision documents for 17 states across India; exercise completed for 21 states
  • District Development Plans for 18 districts in Karnataka, AP, Kerala, TN and MP

Vision Document

Visioning exercise helped transform India@75 into the "People's Agenda". The core message was loud and clear. Indians want to imagine a new India; and not just a minor tweaking of the India they see around them. They want an India that is modern, socially equitable, fair and transparent. They want an India full of opportunities. They want to dream and want to work hard to make it a reality.


State Vision Documents

In addition with National Vision Documents, vision documents for 17 states were also created.

Click here to View all State Vision Documents.


Vision Elements

Ten broad areas were clubbed into following seven themes of the Vision Document

Under each theme, 4-5 statements have emerged as the elements of a vision. These statements represent the collective "Voice of India". True to the spirit of India@75, these statements capture the aspirations which exceed present level of resources and require innovation and development of next practices.


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